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Chrocheted Twine Star Tree Topper

on December 9, 2012

This is my first Christmas living with my boyfriend Tim, and we are excited to make new holiday memories together. I’ve always had an artificial tree, and he’s always had a live one. I like the idea of a real tree, but finding dried up needles in every corner of the house for months after Christmas never appealed to me. He told me that about 15 years ago he bought a potted tree to decorate for Christmas, then planted it in the yard at his old house. He thought that might be a nice new tradition for us to start. I thought it was a wonderful idea! We went out earlier this week and picked out a potted tree that stands about 5 feet tall. It got moved from the deck to the back porch today. The target date to move it inside is December 20th.

I have some ornaments that I moved with me, but neither of us has a tree topper. I thought since we’re in an 1810 farmhouse that a rustic tree topper might be nice. I found a great pattern for a crocheted star, but I didn’t think making it out of yarn would do. Tim pulled some twine out of the cellar, and I got to work.


I used this pattern from the Jellywares blog for the star, but I used a size L (9-5.50mm) hook.


I used three tan colored pipe cleaners to weave around the edges of the star to give it shape. I was too excited to wait until the tree came inside to see what it looked like. Here’s a picture of it resting on the tree in the back porch



Now I have to decide what garland to make!


2 responses to “Chrocheted Twine Star Tree Topper

  1. that looks lovely, and such a great idea, especially when each christmas you remember making your decorations and the fun you had. x

  2. adaira24 says:

    Thanks! It was lots of fun to make; I’ve never crocheted twine before! I’ll post pictures of the tree all decorated when we get there. 🙂

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