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Knit Cowl Gone Awry – Help!

on December 15, 2012

Earlier this year I knit myself a cowl using this pattern, and it turned out quite well. I have never knit in the round, so I thought making a rectangle of fabric then stitching it together would be quite easy for me, and it was. It worked out so well, in fact, I thought I’d use it as inspiration for my next project. Here’s the finished product from earlier in the year:


I bought a skein of Lion brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Sequoia thinking it would go with my mom’s jacket nicely (and it was on sale). I could have just followed the pattern for the one above, but no, not me. I looked at the New Stitch a Day site and found the Downward slipped double cable pattern. I decided that was too cool not to try!

I made a swatch an figured out how many stitches to cast on for the length I wanted the cowl to be, and set out making my rectangle. Everything was going well. The videos on that site are so easy to follow, I felt like I was knitting like a pro! Last night I spent some time knitting, and this is what I got:


Once I finished the fabric and moved it around a bit it turned into this:


I know that knitting curls, but I didn’t think it would curl up completely! All the pretty cabling is hidden! Is there something I can do to prevent this from curling, or is this just the nature of the stitch? Any words of wisdom are appreciated!


One response to “Knit Cowl Gone Awry – Help!

  1. marjorie says:

    Lynn, The only thing that strikes me is that you might have gone the opposite way in the mid section. As I look at your piece, there seems to be a change of pattern. It is not hard to do that in the ” round”. It might be that you have one section “front side” and one showing the back side.Without actually seeing it it is hard to decide if that is correct. Some patterns do curl unmercifully. Have you tried to “block it”? (steam it ?) Wish we were closer. I think if it were mine, I might wash it, roll it flat in a towel and try to “straighten it out”. Good luck!

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