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Knit Cowl – done!

on December 19, 2012

Thanks to Tim’s mom Marge, the cowl is done! She not only commented on the last post, but sent me an email of a message board thread where someone else had a similar issue. There were different suggestions to get the piece to lie flat; after reading and thinking about it I decided to run a single crochet border around the top and bottom of the cowl.


Here it is standing tall. As you can see I haven’t even finished it off – I wanted to make sure I liked the way it looked before I made the commitment. I wanted the cowl to be tall enough so mom could tuck her nose behind it when the wind kicked up, and also so that she could fold it over when she didn’t want it in her face. Here’s what it looks like folded over:


I think I’m ready to make the commitment and weave that yarn tail in now! Thanks so much Marge, for all your help!


One response to “Knit Cowl – done!

  1. marjorie says:

    It is LOVELY!

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