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Christmas tree is in the house!

on December 22, 2012

After what felt like weeks of having it acclimate in the back porch, we finally brought the potted pine into the living room last night! Tim put the lights on and then we gave the tree the trim:


I had some Stuart tartan fabric that I picked up at the craft thrift store a few months ago, not knowing just what I’d do with it (I have yet to use my 5 year old sewing machine). It went well around the pot as a makeshift tree skirt of sorts.

We bought an ornament together earlier on the week to commemorate our first Christmas together in the house:


Here’s a close up of the crocheted tree topper I posted earlier:


It’s a little large for the tree, but we agree that it kind of gives it a folk art feel.

We dug the hole in the yard for the tree last weekend, so after the holiday we’ll pop it outside. I am looking forward to watching it grow year after year!


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