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my blog for cooking, crafting, thrift store finds, and more!

About Adaira

Three years ago I decided to change my life. In that time I’ve gotten a divorce, sold my house, and moved from suburbia into my boyfriend’s c.1810 farmhouse on 7 acres. My cat Mika and I now live with Phoebe the dog, Finn the guinea pig, and 27 chickens.  It’s a welcome change!

Last summer I started a veg garden in the back yard, and I’m hoping to expand what we grow next year. I’ve been crocheting since childhood, and I’ve been trying my hand at knitting. My boyfriend’s mom is a spinner, weaver, and knitter and she teaches me something new every time we visit her. I love to bake, but am not quite as confident about cooking; I’m trying new recipes whenever I can.

Tim and I met curling, it’s our winter sport. We sail in in the summer, club racing on the weekends. We try to take the motorcycle out when the weather is nice, and we enjoy going to concerts when we can.

I am once again a happy girl!


the happy couple

the happy couple


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