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Christmas Has Gone to the Dogs (and Cats)

Our dogs and cats are family too, right? Why not have them celebrate Christmas with a present or two! Some days ago I bought a dog bone shaped cookie cutter and made Brown Eyed Baker’s Peanut Butter Doggie Bones. I has our resident taste taster give one a whirl after they had cooled down, and she gave it two paws up – I hope our canine cousins enjoy them as much as she did! Yesterday I packaged them into bundles using waxed paper and festive yarn:


I’m happy with the result!

Now I can’t forget about family members of the feline persuasion, can I? Of course not! Today I searched Pinterest for cute cat toys and found Lion Brand Yarn’s crochet pattern for Goldfish Cat Toy. I just had to make some!

I filled them with catnip and a bit of wool. I haven’t let Mika try it yet, she’ll just have to wait for Christmas with the rest of us.


Aren’t they cutie? I wish I had a reason to make more!


UPDATE: The goldfish are a hit! Mika has been going nuts since Christmas every time she’s near the goldfish. I never got to see Tim’s mom’s cat play with hers, but if she likes it half as much as Mika does, it was well worth it! My folks’ dog Thye seemed to enjoy the homemade dog biscuits, just as Phoebe did. Dad indicated that he might want the recipe and make some on his own. Score!

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Peppermint Oreo Truffles and Loudmouth pants

I’ve been baking up a storm preparing for Christmas. I love making cookies to share with friends and family, and my KitchenAid gets a workout around this time every year. Yesterday I made Oreo Truffles using peppermint oreos, and crushed candy canes for the festive topping.

oreo truffles

I’m planning on taking pictures of all the cookies I’ve made once it’s time to plate them up.

Last night we curled on our Monday league. It was the last night of the draw, and our team will change next week. We took a team photo on our last night together.

gotta love Tony's pants!

gotta love Tony’s pants!

Our skip Tony loves his Loudmouth pants so much he has been dubbed the Minister of the Pants, and runs the Norwegian Olympic Curling Team’s Pants Facebook page.(I don’t think I’ve ever had so many pants in one sentence!)  My kilt pales in the shadow of the hounds tooth…

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