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I got Knittin’ for Christmas!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas – I know I did! We had a a great time with both sides of the family – lots of great food, awesome presents, and lovely time spent enjoying each other’s company.

Although I received lots of super cool items this year, I’m going to focus on the fiber related things. Tim’s mom knows that I’d like to get more comfortable knitting in the round, and that the second-hand circular needles that I have are less than ideal. She gave me more than a wonderful start into the world of quality needles! The first needles I received were the Knitter’s Pride Cubics in size 9:

knitter’s pride cubics

I had tried a set of square needles at Tim’s mom’s house over Thanksgiving and fell in love. Now I have my own to work with! I gave the Cubics a whirl with some worsted weight acrylic that I had brought with me, and I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were to use! She gave me some magic loop pointers, and off I went making stockinette in the round that I was more than happy with!

The next fiber-related item I received was the Knit picks interchangeable circular needle set. How cool is this?! The set includes one acrylic (sz 6), one nickel-plated (sz 7), and one harmony wood (sz 8) pair of needles, and two cables. I love the knit picks needles! The tips are very pointy, and all of the needle varieties have a really nice feel to them.

knitpicks interchangeable circular set

There is a pattern for a simple hat I’ve wanted to make for Tim, and after knitting some swatches with Tim’s mom we decided to use the size 7 needles for the project. I started in on it while I was with her (thankfully – she was there to fix my first mistakes). I can’t wait to pick it back up again after the holidays are over!

I also got some yarn to work with – Tim’s mom got me two skeins of wool-ease¬†yarn (in case I needed yarn to play with right away, she said – how cute!), and a ball of a very pretty soft plum colored rayon yarn with a pattern for a rick rack knit scarf from Daft Dames. The feel of this yarn is amazing! I can only imagine how soft the scarf will be!

Last, but certainly not least, this little pretty arrived under the tree:

needle felting tool

Tim’s mom has been getting my feet wet in the wonderful world of felting. We made some wet felted sheets over Thanksgiving so that I could make some flower brooches. I had lots of fun with it! She also showed me some items she had made with needle felting. It’s a whole world I never really knew about, and am eager to learn! She cards, dyes, and spins wool and has very graciously given me some wool from her stash to begin felting. I have lots of colors to choose from; I hardly know where to start! She suggested I try needle felting a mouse first. I thinks that’s a great idea. Last night I had some idle time, so I perused Pinterest for felting ideas. You should see my felting board: animals, ornaments, brooches, hats – so much to love!

Needless to say, I think I’ll be happily busy for a while!

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