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Easy crocheted infinity scarf

I’ve been crocheting since my grandmother taught me at the age of 5. Picking up a crochet needle and yarn always makes me think of her and smile. She mainly made afghans, never reading a pattern. I wish we could sit down and crochet together now; I would love to show her just how many beautiful items that can be made following patterns, and so many of them are quite easy!

The pattern for this scarf is a great example – it’s perfect for beginners! If you know how to sc, hdc, and dc you are more than ready to make this beautiful infinity scarf. I whipped this up while watching tv last night, and I think it took me about an hour to make.

I wish I could tell you about the yarn I used, but I picked this skein up secondhand and there was no tag with it. I can tell you that I’ve also made this scarf with Loops & Threads Charisma yarn in the sunny day colorway, and it took exactly one skein.

The pattern that I first followed is here, but I modified it a bit. Here’s what I did:

Needle Size: M or N

Ch 85 loosely

Join ch with sl st

Rnd 1: Ch 2, hdc in next ch and each ch around. Join with sl st to first st of the rnd. (make sure the front sides of both ends match up and that there is no twist in the loop – the first time I made it I didn’t realize there was a twist in the loop until a few rows up and I had to frog it)

Rnd 2: Ch 3, Dc in next st and each st around. Join with sl st to first st of the rnd.

Rnds 3-9: repeat alternating between rnds 1 and 2.

Rnd 10: ch1, sc in next stitch and each st around.

Finish off and weave ends.

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My First post

Here I am! I’ve been thinking about blogging for a little while now, and for some reason today is the day I took the plunge! I’ve made a few new items recently, maybe it’s time to post about them!

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